Who we are.

There are many great real estate brokers in Bend and all of them have something to offer. Choosing whom to partner with when you are considering buying or selling property is not a decision you should go into lightly. We are clear communicators and authentic in everything we do – in our personal life and our business. We are looking to partner with quality clients that align with our approach and dedication to excellent service, clear communication, mutual respect, knowledge of the industry, and out of the box problem-solving. 
Buying or selling a home can be a lot of work, you need a team that has your best interest in mind and gives you the attention to detail you deserve. We are that team. We unite our individual comprehensive experience into a combined skill set that is unmatched in the industry. If you are looking for a passive or hands off broker you're in the wrong place. We are proactive, prepared, and ready to dig in – so your transaction goes smoothly and as stress-free as possible. If our values and approach align with what you are looking for in a partner, we would love for you to reach out so we can get started. We love this community and the people that live here. We look forward to meeting you soon. Give us a call and let us know how we can help!  

Our commitment to you:
We put you first
Honest and clear communication
Hard work
Industry knowledge
Conscientious practices 
Relatable and fun


Character Counts 

"These two are knowledgeable, hard working, and are always available. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone. " – Skyler Overby

"Great team. Super people. They will not forget you if you give them your business. Super, honest, and trustworthy. "  – Bob Bochan

“They are a supportive team, and their years of marriage have only made their teamwork stronger. They are great at helping others sort out what is most important to them and meeting that with a fresh perspective that you may have never considered otherwise. They are meticulous in their work and always do the job the right way, never cutting corners, regardless of the extra effort.” – Shannon Briese

“Shane is diligent, detail oriented, analytical yet creative, and above all honest and ethical. We think the world of Shane.” – Lois Cook

“Denise is without a doubt, one of the best humans I know. She genuinely cares about everyone she encounters and has a way of bringing a positive energy to any situation. She brings a calm confidence and voice of reason to what for some, may be a stressful or challenging situation.” – Dave Couzens

"Denise and Shane are great folks who enjoy life, friends and the things they do. I've always admired the team they've formed and have personally seen how they lift each other up as they also lift people around them up. They support one another in all they do. I've worked with Shane and have spent ample time with them both on a personal level. I am privileged to call them friends. You will be respected and given the best that they can offer." – Will Spence