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If you’re interested in building an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) on your property in Bend, there are some factors to consider.

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If you’re interested in building an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) on your property in Bend, there are some factors to consider. ADU’s can be a great addition to the investment in your home and some buyers are looking for them as a critical component of their search. The extra square footage and separate living quarters can be a great opportunity for multi-generational or sibling family living, long-term rental income, or in some cases short-term (AirBnB) rental income (STR questions answered here). The following information will highlight the basics of what is allowed and/or required to build an ADU on your property in Bend. 

(Obligatory Disclaimer – In addition to the requirements and rules of the City of Bend, most neighborhoods and HOA’s have CC&R’s, Conditions Covenants & Restrictions, that will provide further guidance as to what is or isn’t allowed in your area. Always be sure to complete your due diligence concerning CC&R’s in your neighborhood BEFORE submitting your plans to the city for approval.)  

For DETAILED/COMPLETE Bend Development Code see (BDC) 3.6.200.B 


ADUs are permitted uses on residentially-zoned lots or parcels with a single-family dwelling, townhome, or a manufactured home. 
A maximum of one ADU is allowed per lot or parcel. 
The City recommends that the applicant complete their due diligence by checking any applicable private Conditions, Covenants, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) that may limit ADUs on the subject property. The City does not enforce or monitor private CC&Rs. 
ADUs in NorthWest Crossing must comply with special standards outlined in BDC 2.7.300. For all other properties, the standards of BDC 3.6.200 apply, summarized below. 
Special standards apply to units on properties that are Historic Resources or located in the Historic Districts (see Bend Code 10.20) or Waterway Overlay Zone (WOZ) (see BDC 2.7.600). 


Maximum Floor Area = If property is 6,000 sq ft. or less: 600 sq. ft. of enclosed floor area, if property is greater than 6,000 sq ft.: 800 sq. ft. of enclosed floor area 
Maximum Floor Area Ratio = 0.60 
Maximum Height: Detached ADU = 25’, Attached ADU = 30’ - 45’ depending on zoning (see Bend BDC 2.1.800 for zone restrictions). 
Minimum setback requirements vary between 5’ - 20’ depending on building type, placement on your lot, and zoning. This includes 2nd floor balconies or staircases. (see Bend BDC 2.1.300 for all set-back requirements) 
Minimum distance, for a detached ADU, from the primary single-family dwelling is 6’ (unless single family dwelling AND building proposed to contain ADU were both built before April 1st, 2016). 

Site Improvements: 

Parking areas and driveways must be paved and conform to City of Bend standards. 
Must have a minimum of 3 parking spaces, 2 for primary dwelling & 1 for ADU. 
Septic/Sewer and Water: If your property is on septic and is more than 400’ from a city sewer line you must have a Septic Authorization Form. If it is within 400’ of a city sewer line, connection to sewer will be required. If you are not within Bend Water’s service area a Will-Serve letter from the local water district will be required. 


MDS (Minimum Development Standards) Review Fee = $1201.20 
SDC’s (System Development Charges): Streets = $1817.00, Parks = $3206.00, Water/Sewer = $ varies (only applicable if ugrading the size of water/sewer service lines). 
Building permit = Email: for estimate (fee estimate includes SDC’s) 

That’s the nuts and bolts of it! Download the Review Application and Checklist here: . Every project is unique, so if you’re taking it on largely by yourself, be sure to work closely with the City Planning Department on the particulars. The CIty of Bend is great and is very much in favor of property owners building an ADU, just make sure to follow the stated requirements closely.  

Authors: Shane and Denise Faddis
Faddis Real Estate Group
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