Owning Chickens in Bend Oregon

Love farm fresh eggs even though you live in town? Always wanted to try the rural way of life, but not sure where to start? Don’t be chicken! Or do be, that’s the point of this, haha. If you live in the City of Bend, here’s the skinny: you are allowed to have 4 hens and 0 roosters if your lot is at least 5000 sq.ft. No accumulation of waste allowed. Odors are not allowed to extend beyond the property line. All fencing shall be designed and constructed to confine all farm animals within the owner’s property. And food must be stored in a rodent proof container. That’s it! There used to be a $104 permit fee, but the city did away with that in 2010. Here’s a link to build your own coop if that’s your thing - then go get some chicks, it’s egg-xactly what you need.

Important Disclaimer: These are the regulations according to the City of Bend in 2019. Your neighborhood may have local CC&R’s or HOA regulations that are different – verify with them before getting started!

Consider this a starting place, continue your research with the city of Bend.

Hope this helps!

Shane and Denise Faddis